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Bristol Radio DJ sacked for gay comments

A presenter on Bristol’s community radio station, Ujima Radio, has received a warning from Ofcom after airing offensive homophobic comments. The station has since terminated the volunteers contract.

Radio Industry website, Radio Today reports that one of the presenters who was hosting the ‘Noon Show’ was talking about a story in a local newspaper when he aired his own thoughts on the matter. He talked about issues relating to black homosexuals. He referred to homosexuality as a “pestilence” and claimed that “the most right thinking” people thought it was not natural.

It is reported that Ofcom, the media regulator, received a complaint from a listener who felt that the presenter’s comments during this discussion were offensive towards the gay community.

The broadcaster acknowledged that the programme was unsuitable for broadcast and that listeners would have been offended by the comments made by the presenter. Ujima Radio said that as a consequence of the complaint the station terminated the presenter’s volunteer contract and broadcast an on-air apology the following week.

In a statement, Ofcom said: “In general, offensive material can be broadcast, so long as it is justified by the context. Given factors such as the service on which the material is broadcast; the degree of harm or offence likely to be caused by the inclusion of the material; and the likely expectation of the audience, Ofcom considered that the broadcast of this offensive material was not justified by the context. Therefore, the material went beyond generally accepted standards for this type of programme and breached Rule 2.3 of the Code.”

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