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Local Gay Nights come to Devizes & Yeovil

So often those living outside of main towns and cities in the LGBT community can feel isolated or not catered for, and have to travel miles to meet & socialise with others from our community.

However, people local to Devizes in Wiltshire, or Yeovil in Somerset can look forward to new events organised by local groups.

GLD, which stands for ‘Gay Lesbian Devizes’ launches on Thursday 8th March 2012 in the Buscot Suite of The Bell on the Green Public House, in Estcourt Street. The night kicks off with a Skittles Evening with Cheese & Wine available. More information on this event is available from Shelley :

Meanwhile in Yeovil, a Monthly Gay & Lesbian event called ‘Cocktails’ and will be on the last Thursday of every month starting on the 29th March at Tabernacle Junction located in the Town Centre. The plan is to have a mixture of dj’s and live bands for only £3 and the organisers hope that if it takes off it will become a weekly occurrence.
The facebook event can be found here

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