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Swindon’s Mail Coach Wins Local Award

Swindon’s Mail Coach is celebrating after winning the coveted “Pub Of The Week” award from the towns local newspaper, The Swindon Advertiser.

The Pub, in Fleet Street, has recovered it’s popularity with the local community over the recent period after a turbulent time in 2010, where the venue ended up closing following issues with the local council, and then suffered from alleged financial Issues leading to it’s closure just a few days after Christmas.

Since then the venue has enjoyed several refurbishments and has become a central part of the LGBT community and a main supporter of Swindon & Wiltshire Pride raising £8,500 towards the cause.

Fern Bewey, the assistant bar manager of The Mail Coach told the Swindon Advertiser “We just want to say, with us being the only gay pub in Swindon, we are quite proud to get the award. The pub has gone through a lot of changes, it has been refurbished three times in the last few years.”

“The pub is unique, but it is a lot more than a gay venue it is homely and cosy, and every one who walks in gets a friendly welcome from the staff.”

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