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North Bristol NHS Trust hold Lesbian Fertility Open Evening

The Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine, part of North Bristol NHS Trust is holding a Lesbian Fertility Open Evening on Wednesday 15th January.

Prospective patients are invited to attend the free Open Evening and have the opportunity to meet staff, look around the centre and learn more about what happens behind the scenes.

At these drop in sessions that run between 6pm and 8pm, there will be information on fertility drug therapies and laboratory techniques at this internationally respected fertility centre.

During the evening, attendee’s will be able to find out more about the centre’s success rates, the use of donor sperm services, counselling, support and funding options. The success as one of the top clinics in England, Scotland and Wales is confirmed by the HFEA’s most recent patients guide.

The sessions run between 6-8 pm but doors close for arrivals 7.30pm, but places are limited. More details and a booking form for the event can be found on the Centre’s Website.

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