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Christian parent threatens legal action over UK school’s ‘pride parade’

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A Christian parent in London is threatening legal action against her son’s school because of a ‘pride parade’.

Izoduwa Adhedo said her son was ‘forced’ to participate in a school event earlier this year ‘that goes against our Christian beliefs’. Adhedo has since withdrawn her son from the school.

Christian Concern, a conservative evangelical group focusing on cases of religious discrimination, is supporting Adhedo’s claim.

Heavers Farm School in South Norwood hosted the ‘Proud to be Me’ event at their institution. According to the school, they sent a message to parents about the event.

‘At this parade each child will be celebrating what makes them proud of themselves and their family,’ the message stated. ‘We encourage you to talk to your children about what they will be celebrating.’

The school further said it wasn’t a ‘gay pride parade’, as it’s now being characterized.

In July, there were initial reports of parents’ complaints regarding the pride. Head teacher Susan Papas eventually canceled the event and replaced it with an assembly. Over 90 students did not attend, some even missing school entirely.

This is the first report of possible legal action regarding the matter.

‘Equality is a thread’

Papas told the Guardian: ‘Equality is a thread that goes through our curriculum. We’ve done projects on black history month, disability and women’s history.

‘At the end of the year we decided to do something on anti-homophobia as part of Pride month, taking the idea that people and families can be different but everyone can be proud. There were some objections but they were outweighed by support.’

Adhedo said the school began to bully her when she complained about the event.

‘The school’s attitude towards me changed completely. I know other parents who are afraid to speak up because of how the school has treated me,’ she explained. ‘They stopped treating me like any other parent but were antagonistic towards me.’

She further said she wasn’t trying to stop the event, but that she wanted her son to ‘receive an education, rather than indoctrination’.

Dr. Elly Barnes of the LGBTI education charity, Educate and Celebrate, explained to GSN why LGBTI issues are important in schools.

‘Along their journey they [students] can be exposed to negative barriers, which is why as educators we need to embrace LGBT+ inclusion from the get go in the education system.’

Christian Concern said if the matter is not resolved, they will move forward with legal action.

H/t: The Guardian

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