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This queer artist wants to heal and make you feel less alone with new song

Ria Mae, a queer artist, put out a new song

‘In a way, everything I write is for LGBTQ youth,’ Canadian singer-songwriter Ria Mae told GSN about her new song Hold Me.

Inspired by current events, Mae was looking for a song encouraging safety and hope. She wrote the song in Nicaragua with Frank Kadillac of Neon Dreams, John Nathaniel, and fellow Canadian singer-songwriter Lowell.

‘We were sharing how lately we felt unsure of how to engage online and remain positive in the current social climate,’ she said.

‘We were talking about how easy life used to feel when we were young and how anxious a lot of our peers seem to be right now. The song is just an honest depiction of how this year is making us feel.’

The subsequent song and music video created a dreamlike atmosphere of when things seemed easier.

Mae, who is openly queer, told GSN she writes with LGBTQ youth in mind because she wants to create things she craved growing up.

‘I always try to be honest about how I’m feeling because I know that if I’m feeling anxious or weird about something, chances are, others feel the same,’ she explained. ‘And knowing you aren’t alone with a feeling can be very powerful.’

Remembering the good

Mae said the song came easily to her.

The main challenge, she said, ‘was capturing the right feeling of nostalgia with current day’.

‘I really love how it turned out and we have Kat Weber, our director to thank. Faye, the young skateboarding girl, was found through an open casting call,’ she revealed.

‘She’s tough and brave yet sensitive and open. She really embodied what the song is about and how we were feeling when we wrote it.’

When GSN asked her what her self-care techniques these days are, she had two words: optimism and gratitude.

She elaborated: ‘If I’m feeling stressed or disappointed I try and remind myself of what I’m grateful for. It’s very healing. There is a lot of negative news out there but there are also incredible humans doing amazing things all around us.’

Hold Me is the single following three singles from last year — Thoughts on Fire, Bend, and Red Light.

She has her third EP set for release next year.

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