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Gay Life in Bristol, Wiltshire & Somerset


Gay News in Bristol Somerset and Wiltshire

Local Gay News

Local gay news items from around Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire.

PinkSixty News Bulletin

Pink Sixty News

Pinksixty is a ground-breaking news service bringing you a daily round-up of LGBT stories from around the globe.

PrideWest Daily News

PrideWest Daily

Keeping you up-to-date with LGBT themed news, events, showbiz news, videos and tweets from the last 24 hours.

Scene Guide

Gay Scene Maps of Bristol Somerset and Wiltshire

Gay Scene Guides

We have comprehensive scene guides showing you where venues are located

Gay Scene Listings Bristol Somerset Wiltshire

Scene Listings

Detailed listings guide of what’s on and where on the local scene.

Something For The Weekend Newsletter

Something For The Weekend

Get an email in your inbox every Friday with loads of ideas of how to pass the weekend!


Gay Community Items for Bristol Somerset and Wiltshire

Community News

News items of community interest in Bristol, Wiltshire & Somerset areas

LGBT Community Groups

Community Groups

Details of LGBT Community groups such as choral,book and sports clubs.

Health & Support

Details of Support Groups in Wiltshire Bristol and Somerset

Local Support Groups

Listings of local groups that can help you.


Gay Hate Crime

Information around how to deal with LGBT Hate Crime

Sexual Health Clinic

Sexual Health Clinics

We have listings of local Sexual Health Clinics in your area.

PrideWest – Gay Life in Bristol , Somerset and Wiltshire

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We hope you found our service useful since our online debut in 2001, but we cannot subsidise our overheads any longer. Should you wish to donate a small amount to keep this website online (even £1) please visit