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Find out about the health issues that affect you if you’re gay, lesbian or bisexual with practical advice on how to stay in good health, and how to get in contact with local groups that may be able to help if you are in need of help and support

If something is troubling you, then there are many organisations that can help.

The Samaritans are there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The helpline number is 08457 90 90 90 (calling the UK national number depends on your phone provider and your contract with them)

The Lesbian & Gay Switchboard is open every day of the week, between 10am and 11pm. The helpline number is 0300 330 0630

Being Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual is not a crime, but hate crime is. No one should have to put up with being harassed, bullied, victimised , verbally or physically abused because of their sexuality Read our guide about Hate Crime and how to get help if you’ve been affected. There are also an opportunity to report a Hate Crime instance on-line through various organisations.

You can read more in our Guide to Hate Crime

No matter what your age or gender, There are many local support groups that you can either visit, ring or email for help and advice on a range of subjects and issues.

Explore our local support guide to find out contact details and addresses.

choices-logo Find out about the health issues that can affect you if you’re gay, lesbian or bisexual with practical advice on how to stay in good health on the NHS Choices website
sti-testingDon’t be scared or embarrassed about going to a GUM clinic. An STI is an illness like any other – You’re looking after your body by going for a check-up.

Read our Guide about what to expect during a visit to a Sexual Health Clinic, and find out where your local Clinic can be found.

We regret that the Pridewest website will close on 31st March 2020, unless further funding for it’s maintenance can be found.

We hope you found our service useful since our online debut in 2001, but we cannot subsidise our overheads any longer. Should you wish to donate a small amount to keep this website online (even £1) please visit