Bristol gay charity launches new online reporting website

A Bristol based gay charity group has unveiled its newly refurbished website and online reporting service for targets of homophobic or transphobic incidents.

It was found that in a recent YouGov national survey, commissioned by Stonewall into the reporting of homophobic crimes, that although the police receive 23% of homophobic incident reports, 68% of the survey’s respondents never reported an incident to anyone whilst 34% of respondents believed the police would not or could not do anything and 27% thought their report would not be taken seriously.

EACH’s Executive Director, Jonathan Charlesworth said “With computer ownership and usage so extensive today, expanding our service into online reporting was a logical development for EACH’s Homophobic Incident Reporting Service”

“These findings and our own records inform us that a target of homophobia is more likely to report an incident to EACH than a housing officer, social worker or council caseworker,” he added, “It is no coincidence that our profile in the west of England and our organisation’s presence adds to people’s sense of safety. We want to build on that confidence by encouraging gay and heterosexual people to adopt a zero tolerance of homophobic incidents by clicking into our online reporting or calling our freephone Actionline, to report them, whenever they’re witnessed.”

All police forces are acutely aware that many more incidents of homophobia take place than are reported. With 68% of people nationally failing to report such incidents to anyone, and only 23% reporting to the police, it is hoped that initiatives like EACH’s online and freephone telephone reporting services will complement the work of the police.

You can find EACH’s Online Reporting Service here.