Lesbian Couple Humiliated By Work Colleagues

A lesbian couple from Swindon were left humiliated after colleagues joked about their sexuality, an employment tribunal in Bristol has heard.

Saleswomen, Beth Moules and Sharleen Amos, both aged 24, told the hearing they were ridiculed by a senior staff member who branded their sexuality “disgusting”.

It is claimed they were taunted about their sexuality and rumours they had participated in group sex with a male colleague at a Bristol company , Aquatec Rainsoft, who make water purifications systems.

Their manager is said to have dismissed their concerns as trivial and told them their plight was nothing compared to that suffered by Jewish people.

Amos and Moules claimed a colleague told fellow workers they had performed a threesome with sales manager Stephen Rosenthal who was labelled “the meat sandwich between them”.

Moules has brought a sexual discrimination claim against the water filter and softener company, while Amos is claiming both sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal.

The company said it acted quickly in responding to the allegations. The tribunal is expected to finish this week