Launching a New Queer Cafe in Bristol

A group in Bristol is launching a new ‘Queer Cafe’ with the desire to create DIY alternatives to the cities mainstream gay scene.

A spokesman for the group said “We want spaces that don’t repress and constrain our sexualities, where we can hang out, create, organise, skillshare, flirt, watch films or perform without someone making a profit…
We’d like a space where we can actually communicate with each other, a space away from the Bristol gay meat market.”

” Queer doesn’t necessarily mean gay, or bi. “Queer” has different meanings to different people. To some people “queer” means an identity that cannot be contained in existing labels of “homo”, “bi”, “trans”, “lesbian”. To other people it means making gender and sexuality definitions void. To some people it says something about who they are. It is inclusive of, but not limited to trans, bi, lesbian, BDSM, gay, asexual, genderqueers, drag kings, mtf, femmes, queerbois, dykes, ftm, drag queens, butches… ” he continued.

The event is taking place at Kebele on Thursday 27th November from 7pm onwards.

Kebele is a radical social centre in Easton which aims to be inclusive of everyone regardless of age, race, gender, class, sexuality and dis/ability.

The evening will also feature the screening of ‘XXY’ a 2007 film about Alex, a 15-year-old who lives with overprotective parents, Kraken and Suli, in a pretty beach-side village in Uruguay. The family, many years ago, left Rio de Janeiro and retreated to this sparsely populated place to stop people from asking rude questions about Alex. Like: Is Alex a girl or a boy? These inquiries traumatize Alex, an intersex teenager, who’s confused, too, about sexuality, but also about the family’s secrecy.

A discussion about ‘Creating Queer Spaces in Bristol’ will take place at 8pm with the film starting around 9pm.

Kebele can be found at 14 Robertson Road, Easton, BS5 6JY. Further information is available by emailing


Event information may be subject to change or cancellation due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Please confirm details with event organisers before attending.

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