Rainbow Group Researches LGBT History of Bristol

Bristol City Council’s Rainbow Group is holding a meeting in an attempt to collect the living memory of LGBT life in Twentieth Century Bristol.

With the building of the new Museum of Bristol progressing on the waterfront, there will be a place for the story of LGBT life to be told, and the council’s Rainbow Group, a self-organised group for lesbian, gay and bisexual employees of the council, is holding it’s first gathering on Tuesday 25th November.

The event which is being held from 6pm to 8pm at the city’s Council House, will a look to devise a way of capturing individual stories in written, sound and video recording, Gathering together leaflets, newsletters, posters of various campaigns active within the city, and also review the support & social groups that came and went over the years.

It is hoped that this will be the first of many meetings that will collect items & pieces for eventual display within the prestigious new museum which it is hoped will reflect and showcase the many communities that make up the city.

Further information is available by telephoning 07802 422 091 or emailing : lgbt-historyofbristol@gmx.co.uk