International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia 2010

The 17th May each year marks IDAHO day. It was started to raise awareness of Homophobia and Transphobia throughout the world. It has become truly global and its ideals have been discussed in the General Assembly of the United Nations.

This date was chosen because on May 17th 1992, the World Health Organisation removed homosexuality from its International Classification of diseases.

The day will be marked by hundreds of events across all continents and will witness some historic initiatives.

In Turkey, LGBT and Human Rights organizations have put together an impressive week-long program, including Pride marches in different cities and an international congress on May 15/16, that will witness the presence of several European MPs, members of the LGBT intergroup, several Ambassadors and representatives of the international Human Rights community. The renowned queer feminist writer and philosopher Judith Butler will be holding a conference as part of the program.

More than 150 events mark IDAHO across France, including a national conference on Religions, Homophobia and Transphobia, with high level representatives of the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim faiths, and the launch of a National Campaign against Homophobia in all secondary schools across the country.

In Kenya, this year GALCK will mark the day once more by reaching out to the public to try to change misconceptions and misrepresentations of LGBT people. As part of the program Galck member organisations will be presenting dances and acting a play based on the Ugandan Law.

In Russia, 17 May 2010 will be the day GayRussia applies officially to the Mayor of Moscow for permission to organise the Jubelee 5th Moscow Pride on 29 May. GayRussia will also celebrate its 5th anniversary on 17 May. At the same time, GayRussia will support organisations in Belarus for the Slavic Pride that is planned to take place for IDAHO in Minsk

In Germany, the anti-homophobia project Maneo is once more gearing up for IDAHO with a special edition of its traditional Kiss-in, this year as part of the Great Global Kiss-in

In at least 20 different cities in 11 countries, groups will come together to peacefully celebrate the freedom to love under the “Great Global Kiss-in” initiative.

In the UK, an impressive programme of action is once again on the IDAHO menu.

Locally, the Bristol lesbian gay and bisexual forum are holding an event on College Green on Sunday 16th May from 1 – 3pm. The day will start with a flash-mob type event, followed by speeches from the LGBT community.

People are then invited to bring their own picnic, and also to participate in an open-mic event if they wish.

More details about the Bristol event can be found at the Bristol lesbian gay and bisexual forum website

You can read more about IDAHO on their website


Event information may be subject to change or cancellation due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Please confirm details with event organisers before attending.

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