Anti Gay Graffiti appears on Devizes Church

Following recent stories that a Devizes vicar is due to marry his Nigerian boyfriend, Anti Gay graffiti appeared on his church.

The graffiti appeared at St John’s Church on Saturday, 28 August, and is believed to refer to the reverend Colin Coward’s same-sex relationship with his partner, Bobby Egbele.

The obscene words and images in white and black marker pen appeared overnight and referred to Mr Coward’s relationship Mr Egbele. Canon Paul Richardson, rector of St John’s and St Mary’s, did not want to comment on the criminal damage, except to say that he had made a statement to police.

Mr Coward told local newspaper, The Wiltshire Times, that he was not concerned by the graffiti at St John’s but he was sorry the congregation at St Peter’s had taken its stance.

He said: “My partner and I are sad that the people of St Peter’s choose to adhere to a pattern of Christian life and faith which is at variance with teaching of Jesus and St Paul.

“Jesus taught the primacy of love and Paul the primacy of grace, the uninhibited generosity and graciousness of God’s love for all people, which transcends any law. “


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