Bristol Panthers Get Their Collars Felt

As part of events to mark International Day Challenging Homophobia in Football, Bristol’s gay football team The Bristol Panthers will be playing Avon and Somerset Constabulary on February 27th to raise awareness of the day.

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans History Month takes place every year in February. It celebrates the lives and achievements of the LGBT community. Avon and Somerset Constabulary are committed to celebrate the diverse communities that they serve and that of the society as a whole.

The event is one of many being planned across the country as part of ‘The Justin Campaign’, which on February 19th 2010, was launched under the slogan “Football v Homophobia” – An international day opposing homophobia in football.

The intention of this initiative is to provide an opportunity for individuals, communities and teams the world over to communicate their disapproval of homophobia in the game and celebrate its diverse following under the banner of Football v Homophobia. Last year, supporters of the initiative in the UK united with fans in North America, Canada, Spain and other countries for the first event.

The initiative is now in its second year and it’s growth and success is testament to all those who have supported and contributed to its development. The Justin Campaign hope that the LGBT community can express support for the day this year and ensure that Football v Homophobia significantly impacts upon how LGBT people are perceived and treated in football. Remember you don’t have to be a football fan or a sports group to back the campaign! Impacting on homophobia in football will communicate a zero tolerance attitude to homophobia, in any shape or form, across the world.

The match will be held on Sunday 27 February 2011 at Stoke Lodge, Coombe Dingle, Sports Centre Playing Fields at 2pm.


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