Reach look for Young People’s advice

Reach has launched an e-campaign to find out young people’s top tips to tackle cyber-bullying and homophobia and are asking young people – “If you could give teachers or youth workers one tip on how to stop it, what would it be?”

Reach is a three-year partnership between UK Youth and EACH (Educational Action Challenging Homophobia), the award-winning charity for adults and young people affected by homophobia or transphobia which has a base in Bristol. Funded by The Big Lottery, Reach is involving young people affected by homophobia and cyberbullying in creating resources to address the issues in schools and non-formal youth settings.

Reach has launched its ‘Reach Teach Tips E-Campaign’ which aims to collect young people’s response to the question “If you could give teachers or youth workers one tip on how to stop cyberbullying or homophobia what would it be?”

The campaign has come about from the work of the Reach Youth Board, the young people who run the project, which highlighted that teachers and youth workers needed extra support when dealing with cyberbullying and homophobia.

The Youth Board decided that young people were the best source of advice, as their ideas would be most realistic and useful. The tips will be collected both online, through Facebook and Twitter, and ‘live’ at events and meetings. The tips will all be uploaded onto the Reach Facebook page.

The Youth Board are aware that some people will wish to stay anonymous, so they are asking young people to write their tips down on white card or paper and to take a picture of them holding the tip, then upload this to the Reach Facebook page. This will showcase the tips and each week the Youth Board will pick a top tip to share through the Reach Twitter feed.

The tips will help inform the Reach resources, which are being compiled to assist teachers and youth workers to tackle cyberbullying and homophobia.

You can upload your pictures to The Reach Facebook page here, or alternatively  more information can be found on the UK Youth Website