Prohibition introduced in Bristol

Prohibition is being introduced back into Bristol on Saturday 8th December, thanks to LGBT Networking groups, Members Bristol & Indigo

In the 1920’s Prohibition was introduced in many states in the US, so drinking and revelinghad to go underground. Of course there were certain groups for whom parties always had to be behind closed doors. These people were at the forefront of this world of covert good times…

The evening is billed as a seasonal celebration of Members, Indigo, their wonderful guests and their fabulous friends – a xmas shindig for the extended gay and lesbian family.

The event, which is due to take place at a top secret location just outside Bristol, promises partygoers the change to step back in time into the roaring twenties for a spectacular evening of mystery, dancing and plenty of gin.

Being held on Saturday 8th December from 7.30 pm until 1 am, there will be a coach available that will take you to the venue where you can expect dashing DJs, high spirits, new friends, old friends and a right rollicking night in beautiful surrounds. As celebrations come to a close, all guests are transported back to the city where you disappear into the night…

The Dress code for this wonderful night is Dandys, Cads, Flappers, Old Gals and Dear Boys.

Tickets are priced at Early Bird £12/£15 Advance

More information :

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