Homophobic Resident Evicted From Flat

A Homophobic resident of a flat in St Phillips, Bristol has been evicted from his home by Bristol City Council following a violent and unprovoked attack on a neighbouring resident.

The Bristol Post reports that 55 year old Jaylani Harriye hit and stabbed the fellow resident of Kingsley House repeatedly with a sharpened stick while shouting and ranting homophobic abuse at him and spitting in his face.

It is reported that on December 17 last year, Mr Harriye was found guilty of battery and using threatening, abusive, insulting words or behaviour to cause harassment, alarm or distress and received a two year suspended prison sentence at Bristol Magistrates’ Court.

After the court’s decision the council immediately began legal proceedings to prevent Harrive from returning to Kingsley House and to protect the victim of the attack and other residents.

Despite an order being granted which temporarily prevented Harriye from returning to his flat, Mr Harrive refused to leave his flat and was arrested by police on Christmas Eve for failing to comply with the order.

On Christmas Day Harriye was taken to Gloucester County Court and an officer from Bristol City Council attended the hearing and prosecuted Harriye for failing to adhere to the order. Harriye was again ordered to stay away from Kingsley House and it is believed he obeyed the order and stayed with a relative.

However, officers from the council attended Bristol County Court and successfully obtained a possession order, which meant they were authorised to permanently evict Harriye from his home which they then delivered and carried out.

Following the case, Stuart Pattison, community confidence manager of Bristol City Council, said: “This was a shocking attack and we need to take immediate action to prevent him from continuing to live in the flat and protect his neighbours. We do not tolerate hate crime and will always take robust action to protect tenants.”