EACH report calls for broader understanding of homophobic bullying

EACH report calls for broader understanding of homophobic bullying

A report published by EACH, the Bristol based support group, calls for researchers, policymakers and practitioners to adopt a broader understanding of homophobic bullying and its impact on young people today.

Growing recognition of homophobic bullying amongst researchers, policymakers, youth workers, teachers and other stakeholders has resulted in an increasing number of research studies and anti-bullying measures in this area. This has led to great advances in interventions addressing the issue. However homophobic abuse remains a daily reality for too many young people.

By undertaking a comprehensive review of recent academic, third sector and government literature EACH has unpicked a number of ‘taken for granted’ assumptions around homophobic bullying and sought to develop a wider understanding of the nature and extent of homophobic bullying, groups and individuals affected, impact on those involved and the measures available to tackle the problem.

Jonathan Charlesworth, The Executive Director of EACH commented “As we celebrate the ten year anniversary of the repeal of Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 there is now both welcome legislation for all regarding sexual orientation and gender identity matters plus an increasing groundswell of eagerness to challenge homophobic bullying from a variety of quarters. I trust 2014 will bring a truly refreshing look at homophobic bullying in young people‚Äôs settings and EACH remains passionate to be at its cutting edge.”

The report is available for viewing on EACH’s website.


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