Jail For Swindon Gay Hate Attack

Jail For Swindon Gay Hate Attack

A teenager who launched a homophobic attack on a Swindon gay man has been given a jail term.

19 year old Stuart Trinder had been previously given a suspended sentence for the attack on his victim outside the towns Jury’s Inn on Fleming Way. The victim was punched to the ground, kicked and Trinder was then heard to shout “What do you want faggot?”

Trinder, of Albany Close, Park North, admitted being in breach of a suspended sentence, imposed in December. He also breached a community order handed down by magistrates in March for criminal damage at his mum’s house in January, the Swindon Advertiser has reported.

Swindon Crown Court heard that following the suspended sentence being given, Trinder had only completed one of the 220 hours that he was originally ordered to carry out.

Rob Ross, defending, described Trinder as an ‘immature young man who frankly has not taken it as seriously as he should have done’.

The attack on the gay man took place after they had been drinking in the Casbah nightclub in July last year. It was established during the trial that Trinder used to bully the victim when the two of them attended secondary school.

Judge Douglas Field said the attacker showed ‘wilful non-compliance’ and it would be ‘unjust’ to not impose the period of custody set out in the terms of the suspended sentence.

Trinder will spend four months in Jail.