University Of Bristol Trans Poster Parodied

University Of Bristol Trans Poster Parodied

A recent poster campaign staged by UBU LGBT+ Society as part of Transgender Awareness Week, has been the subject of a parody attack claiming ‘trans people rape women every nine minutes’

The Parody posters, which were near the Wills Memorial Building toilets, were attributed to ‘MENZ+ Society’ – a group that does not actually exist at the University of Bristol – suggests that people using the facilities should ‘Kindly ignore the fact that men including transgender males rape women every nine minutes ,Kindly surrender your boundaries, Don’t worry about it, men know better than you’

The original poster campaign launched in November 2014, was popular within social networking circles also being picked up Nationally within LGBT press.

The parody posters were highlighted by the University’s Independent Student Newspaper, Epigram. Speaking to the newspaper, the UBU Equality, Liberation and Access Officer Alice Phillips said: “I’m extremely disturbed by the appearance of this poster in the Wills Memorial building. There is absolutely no place for transphobia at the University of Bristol and as a Union we’re going to be doing everything we can to find out where this has come from.

UBU LGBT+ Society President Jamie Cross also told Epigram “I think that whoever has parodied the poster has, in every way, misinterpreted the campaign. In fact I think that anyone who believes that we have not considered the need for safety for all self-identifying women in public bathrooms has also misinterpreted what we were trying to achieve with the original poster. I’m both angry and hurt that this may have been put up by a student at the university.

Some members of Bristol University Feminist Society have speculated that ‘TERFs’, or ‘Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists’, may have created the poster, although no one has yet claimed responsibility.

Security Services at the University have asked to be extra vigilant on their patrols and are going to be taking down any posters they see.


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