Health Survey for Bath & North East Somerset Residents

Health Survey for Bath & North East Somerset Residents

If you live, work or study in Bath and North East Somerset you can now have a say about your local health services.

Bath & North East Somerset Council are working with The Diversity Trust to collect feedback.

Early reporting leads to better diagnoses, support, survival and recovery which will allow the trust to focus on increasing your early reporting as soon as you experience any symptoms or feel you’re health is at risk. They will also include recommendations on issues which may affect early reporting such as anxiety and depression, mental ill health, substance misuse and suicidal thoughts and feelings.

A spokesman for the Trust said “We’ll use our Health Needs Assessment and some community activities to better understand your health needs. Although we’re asking everyone in the B&NES area we’ll pinpoint anyone disadvantaged by: age, gender, disability, mental health, socio-economic status and those living in rural areas. Together we can make things better. We did a similar study, which assessed the health and wellbeing needs of LGBT+ people in B&NES.”

The Diversity Trust will review local and national trends on health evidence by conducting an online survey and will work with groups of local people from a broad range of backgrounds in B&NES.

The Trust will assess your health needs in B&NES during 2015 and then present our report with recommendations to Bath & North East Somerset Council, which will follow the report’s publication.

The survey will be online until 30 September 2015. and can be accessed online here.

Samantha Jones, Corporate Equality Manager at Bath & North East Somerset Council, said “The relationship we have built with the Diversity Trust is invaluable; Bath & North East Somerset Council welcomed the results of the work carried out by the Diversity Trust on the assessment of health and needs of our local Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans populations.
“The report, along with the follow up training and briefing sessions, has guided us in our commitment to reducing health inequality in LGB & Trans people.
“Staff and partners who participated in the Diversity Trust training reported that they thoroughly enjoyed working with the knowledgeable trainers, that the interactive sessions enabled them to gain confidence in leading local authority towards inclusive work on LGB&T issues.”