Bristol Christian Preacher Avoids Hate Crime Conviction

Bristol Christian Preacher Avoids Hate Crime Conviction

A Christian preacher who repeatedly verbally abused a Bristolian gay couple has avoided a hate crime conviction.

Phillip Mattis has been sentenced for two public order offences at Bristol Magistrates Court. Mattis was ordered to pay a £80 victim surcharge, £300 in compensation to the couple he verbally abused and has been sentenced to 120 hours community service.

The preacher was convicted after he verbally abused Troy Appleby-Walker and his husband in November of last year. Appleby-Walker told the Bristol Post how the abuse began after Mattis subjected him and his partner to a homophobic rant before following them onto a bus where the abuse continued.

Appleby-Walker explained: “Some of the things he said to us were disgusting. He told us we’d burn in hell. If that isn’t a verbal homophobic attack I don’t know what is.”

The second charge related to an incident on St. Andrew’s Road on November 12 where Mattis stood outside the house of former Bristol City councillor for Clifton East, Christian Martin, who awoke to find Mattis stood outside his house carrying a large wooden cross and shouting.