Insurance company revokes trans man’s coverage during surgery

Insurance company revokes trans man’s coverage during surgery
Trans man Dashir Moore who lives in Colorado (Photo: Facebook)

Rights lawyers are urging the Colorado Civil Rights Commission to investigate after a trans man had his health coverage revoked while undergoing gender-affirming surgery.

Dashir Moore, a 31-year-old transgender man from Georgia, recently moved to Colorado and found a customer service job.

Colorado is a more LGBTI-friendly state with good trans healthcare.

His insurance company told him his policy did not cover gender-affirming surgery.

So, Moore booked himself in for chest surgery.

But, two days after the operation, his insurance company told him they would not pay.

They said: ‘Hey Dashir, I really hate to call you like this, but just got word that, you know UMR [Moore’s health care provider], they’re denying your surgery’, according to Moore.

‘We just got the denial the day of your surgery. The surgery was already going on so we’re not gonna stop it, but I just wanted to give you a heads up that this is what’s going on.’

The surgery left him with debts of $30,000. His anxiety developed to such an extent that he could not work.


‘Insurance carve-outs for transition-related care are illegal’ said the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which has taken on Moore’s case.

Insurers can limit coverage to care that is medically necessary, but they can’t deny medically necessary care based on who a patient is, the ACLU explained on their website.

Moore was denied a mastectomy because of his gender, they said. ‘That’s discrimination.’

The ACLU has urged the Colorado Civil Rights Commission to investigate.

The lawyers also helped Moore file a charge of discrimination against his former employer.

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Author: Rik Glauert


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