A school is forcing a trans male student to run as prom queen

A school is forcing a trans male student to run as prom queen
Dex Frier (Photo: YouTube)

A school in the USA is reportedly trying to remove a transgender male student from the prom king ballot.

Students at Johnson High School, Georgia nominated Dex Frier as a potential prom king, according to WSB-TV.

He would run as one of six nominees at prom this Saturday (23 March).

But, Frier claims, last week he attended a meeting in the principal’s office.

‘They called me there to tell me I couldn’t run for prom king ’cause I wasn’t legally male,’ he told Buzzfeed.

‘The only way I was eligible to run for prom was to be put on the prom queen ballot.’

He told the new site it was ‘upsetting’ and that he felt ’suppressed’ by school officials.

Hall County Schools Superintendent Will Schofield spoke to WSB. He said the district had ‘never removed any student from any prom’.

He did not want to ‘disrupt us from our core mission of providing an education for the boys and girls in our community’.


Frier’s classmates have started an online petition. It calls for Frier to be allowed to run as prom king. What’s more, it accuses Hall County Schools of a ’transphobic attitude’.

‘We, the Johnson High School student body, elected Dex Frier to represent us as a male member on Prom Court’ the petition says.

‘Not only are we confused at this decision, but we are severely disappointed in the Hall County School Board’ it goes on to say.

The petition seeks ‘solidarity in the fight for human rights regardless of gender, race, class, or any other perceived difference’.

More than 12,000 people have signed the change.org petition.

WSB reports students also launched a petition calling for the school to disallow Frier.

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Author: Rik Glauert