Drag Race Thailand host is putting their entire family in drag

Drag Race Thailand host is putting their entire family in drag
Pangina Heals' father and grandmother (Photo: Twitter)

Drag superstar and co-host Drag Race Thailand, Pangina Heals, is putting their family into drag.

Pangina Heals, also known as Pan Pan Narkprasert, shared the makeovers of both his father and his 92-year-old grandma.

For the first time, they dressed their dad (now also known as Chokaree Heals) in drag.

‘My dad said love has nothing to do with gender and he did drag with me to say to the world that art love and acceptance does not have a barrier or walls’ wrote Pangina Heals.

Next, Pangina Heals dressed their 92-year-old grandmother. ‘A family that drags together stays together’ they wrote.

Pangina Heals is a half-Thai half-Taiwanese is a drag icon in Asia and a prominent LGBTI rights activist.

She has 117,000 followers on Instagram. What’s more, she is currently co-hosting RuPaul’s Drag Race Thailand which just started its second season.

Drag Race Thailand

Thailand was the first place outside of the US to air a version of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Two of Thailand’s most eminent drag queens—Art Arya and Pangina Heals—present the show in lieu of the queen herself RuPaul.

Natalia Pliacam, who performed Whitney Houston’s Queen of the Night, won the first season.

The Thai version came nearly a decade after RuPaul launched her show on a little-known gay network in the US.

Drag Race Thailand is made by Thai TV group Kantana and airs on the streaming channel Line TV.

Last year, RuPaul announced a UK version of her show coming to BBC Three in 201


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Author: Rik Glauert