New York City LGBTI center cancels controversial Republican event

New York City LGBTI center cancels controversial Republican event

The Center, an LGBTI space in New York City, has canceled a controversial Republican event.

Right-wing campaign group Walk Away had planned to host an LGBT Town Hall at the Center later this month.

The group hopes to get LGBTI voters to leave the Democratic Party for the Republicans.

But, in a statement on Friday (22 March) the Center said it had canceled the event.

‘In recent days we have learned that certain of the panelists announced for this event have made repeated, well-documented past statements that violate our mission’ the statement said.

It said the event would promote ‘discriminatory speech or bigotry’. It also said it would negatively impact groups and individuals that use The Center.

The event was due to take place on Thursday 28 March.

‘Permitting this event to proceed would make many of our community members feel unsafe’ the statement said.

Legal action

Walk Away took to Facebook to respond.

‘Unfortunately, an open letter to The Center from a group claiming our panelists, “espouse white supremacist, xenophobic, bigoted views” was successful in strongarming them into canceling this event’ it wrote.

Walk Away said it anticipated legal action.

‘We must rise above and express our frustration without attacking them’ the statement said.

The event was set to include Walk Away founder Brandon Straka, political commentator Rob Smith, writer Mike Harlow, and conservative trans YouTuber Blaire White.

White has videos on subjects like ‘There Are Only 2 Genders’, ‘Fat Acceptance is Stupid’, and called nonbinary identities ‘largely bullshit’.

CNN slammed Walk Away in July ahead of the 2018 midterms, calling them ‘pure propaganda’.

They linked the hashtag #WalkAway with Russian bots attempting to influence the election.

Journalist Philip Henry slammed the Center’s response.


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Author: Rik Glauert