Conservative commentator says Pete Buttigieg flaunts his sexuality

Conservative commentator says Pete Buttigieg flaunts his sexuality

A conservative commentator criticized Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg for flaunting his sexuality by campaigning with his husband.

While appearing on MSNBC on Sunday (28 April), radio show host Chandelle Summer made the comments about Buttigieg. The segment was about Buttigieg as an LGBTI Christian.

‘Clearly, Pete Buttigieg has made this — his gayness — an issue in the campaign,’ she remarked.

Summer specifically noted that Buttigieg brought his husband, Chasten Glezman, on stage during his announcement and that they kissed.

MSNBC anchor Kendis Gibson then cut in, challenging Summer on how Buttigieg has made ‘his gayness’ any more of an ‘issue’ than past heterosexual candidates with their spouses.

‘He talked about his spouse, Chasten, and the fact that they’re married,’ Summer responded defensively.

As she continued, Summer described Buttigieg as ‘not a typical candidate’.

‘We haven’t had a gay presidential candidate ever in the history of the United States,’ she observed. ‘And he made it an issue. He could have ignored it, he could’ve said nothing and people would speculate about it, but he made it an issue.’

Gibson once more challenged her, saying other presidential candidates do events with their significant others. When Summer said it was different because Buttigieg and his husband kissed, Gibson simply laughed in bafflement.

Googling ‘presidential candidates spouses’ brings up a slew of news articles introducing the spouses of the various 2020 candidates. In recent history, First Ladies have sometimes become as nationally recognized as the president, such as Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton.

It is not the first time conservatives have gone after Buttigieg for his sexuality. Franklin Graham recently said Buttigieg needs to ‘repent’ for being gay.

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Author: Anya Crittenton