Nevada allows gender-neutral IDs

Nevada allows gender-neutral IDs

Nevada on Monday (22 April) became the 10th US state to allow gender-neutral markers on identification documents.

Residents can now choose ‘x’ in addition to’ for male and ‘f’ for female on drivers licenses and birth certificates.

‘The DMV is committed to being inclusive and realizes some people don’t want to be forced to identify as either male or female,’ said Julie Butler, DMV director in a statement.

‘We would like to thank the Nevada community groups who brought these issues to our attention and worked with us to bring about the changes.’Nevada in June changed laws so that residents could change gender on state IDs without a court order, doctor’s note or corrected birth certificate.

Nevadans can also choose gender marker ‘x’ without these supporting documents.

‘It really is a huge win for the trans community and for individuals to live their authentic selves’ said Holly Welborn, ACLU of Nevada policy director, according to Las Vegas Review.

‘This is something we’ve been fighting for a long time. This new gender-neutral marker is another huge step toward making sure transgender individuals can live fully in our communities.’

Arkansas, California, the District of Columbia, Minnesota, Oregon, Colorado, Indiana, Maine, Vermont all allow gender-neutral identification documents.

Gay panic defense

The Nevada State Senate last week passed a bill which would ban the so-called ‘gay panic’ or ‘trans panic’ defense in the state.

Bill 97 ‘prohibits use in a criminal case of certain defenses based on the sexual orientation or gender identity or expression of the victim’.

Panic defenses have come under fire in the US.

A defendant can use the defense in court. They claim to have acted in a state of ‘violent temporary insanity’ because of unwanted same-sex sexual advances.

It is still legal in at least 45 states.

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Author: Rik Glauert