Eurovision aired a gay kiss and people are losing their minds

Eurovision aired a gay kiss and people are losing their minds
Two men kissing at Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest began on Tuesday (14 May) and fans were treated with a kiss cam on the first night of the competition.

In 1998, Dana International won Eurovision representating Israel. This year, she returned to the Eurovision stage, located in Tel Aviv, and wowed the crowd with a powerful performance.

During her performance, a kiss cam suddenly panned across the audience and viewers were treated to a glorious gay kiss when two man grabbed each other’s faces and kissed.

People praised the simple but revolutionary moment. One Twitter user said it showed ‘the power of Eurovision’.

More Twitter reactions for the kiss

There was more than just that one gay kiss and some users called it a major win.

Others laughed at certain countries airing the moment, given their anti-LGBTI rhetoric and policies.

People attending had their own fun experiences too.

Others thought the entire kiss cam experience was awkward, especially for the audience in attendance.

Regardless of any awkwardness, the moment was a highlight of the night for many viewers.

Eurovision coming in clutch

Eurovision is an annual singing competition held primarily among members of the European Broadcasting Union.

This year’s contest takes place in Tel Aviv, following Netta’s win for Israel at last year’s competition in Portugal. This is the third time Israel has hosted. They first hosten in 1979, and then two decades later in 1999.

Fory-one countries are competing in this year’s Eurovision, from Slovenia to Iceland and Australia. The second semi-final round takes places on Thursday (16 May), with the final scheduled for Saturday (18 May). Twenty-six countries participate in the final, with all 41 countries eligible to vote.

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Author: Anya Crittenton