Hear Renée Zellweger sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow in Judy biopic trailer

Hear Renée Zellweger sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow in Judy biopic trailer
Renée Zellweger as Judy Garland in the upcoming biopic

Pathé and BBC Films released the first trailer for the upcoming Judy Garland biopic — simply titled Judy — on Friday (10 May).

American actor Renée Zellweger is playing the legendary Hollywood star in the film, which takes place in 1968, a year before her untimely death.

During this winter, she performed a series of concerts in London at the Talk of the Town nightclub. It’s set 30 years after her revelatory turn in The Wizard of Oz, as Garland grapples with inner demons.

Audiences first saw Zellweger as Garland in a photo last March and people were shocked at how good she looked.

In this first trailer, audiences now get their first listen as Zellweger sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz over a montage of shots from the film.

Zellweger revealed to People that she spent over two hours every day in the makeup chair, fitted with prosthetics, contact lenses, and wigs to become Garland.

‘When there’s a better understanding of what it takes for a person to continue under certain circumstances there is a level of empathy and respect that you can’t help but feel,’ she said of playing the role and getting to know Garland better.

She hopes audiences as well will come to love the icon more.

‘What she had to overcome in a time when women didn’t necessarily feel that they had power over their own lives in the way that we do today,’ she continued. ‘That stayed with me and I hope folks will be moved by that as well.’

But not everyone is a fan

Though Zellweger clearly came away with more love and respect, not everyone is looking forward to this movie.

Last June, Garland’s daughter, Liza Minnelli, wrote about it in a since-deleted Facebook post.

‘I have never met nor spoken to Renée Zellweger,’ she wrote. ‘I do not approve nor sanction the upcoming film about Judy Garland in any way. Any reports to the contrary are 100% Fiction.’

Directed by Rupert Goold, Judy is an adaptation of the Olivier and Tony nominated 2012 Broadway play End of the Rainbow by Peter Quilter.

It arrives in US theaters on 27 September and in the UK on 4 October.

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