Author JK Rowling under fire for alleged anti-trans views

Author JK Rowling under fire for alleged anti-trans views

Harry Potter author JK Rowling is coming under fire for alleged anti-trans viewpoints.

What happened?

On Twitter, Rowling has a history of following anti-trans accounts, as well as liking their commentary.

‘On June 23rd, Twitter user @Persenche decided to go through the 666 people that Rowling follows. She found that Rowling followed 11 anti-trans activists and TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) including Julie Bindel, who has been an anti-trans activist for years,’ reports Alysia Stevenson for Femestella.

Most recently, Rowling followed Magdalen Berns, an anti-trans YouTuber known for videos such as ‘There’s no such thing as a lesbian with a penis’ and ‘Misgendering is violence? Nah, mate.’

Berns’ Twitter account is full of hateful rhetoric. For instance, when she compared trans women to white people wearing blackface.

Rowling’s (lack of) response

When asked about why she follows these accounts, a spokesperson for Rowling told PinkNews:

‘J.K. Rowling won’t be commenting. However, we know she follows on Twitter a wide range of people she finds interesting or thought-provoking.’

Rowling’s support for such anti-trans accounts comes into contradiction with her past support for the LGBTI community. For example, when she condemned the hateful Westboro Baptist Church or when she stood up for Tom Daley when he was taunted by homophobes.

Past gaffes

However, this is not the first time Rowling has been criticized for promoting anti-trans views. Last March, she liked a tweet by Racybearhold (whose account was recently suspended) which called trans women ‘men in dresses.’

Rowling’s publicist came out to say that she had liked the tweet by mistake.

‘I’m afraid J.K. Rowling had a clumsy and middle-aged moment and this is not the first time she has favorited by holding her phone incorrectly.’

Prior to that incident, Rowling liked a tweet that promoted an anti-trans Medium article by Harvey Jeni as well as a piece by anti-trans journalist Janice Turner entitled ‘Trans Rapists Are A Danger In Women’s Jails.’

Fan reactions

Unsurprisingly, many Harry Potter fans on Twitter are hurt and confused by Rowling’s anti-trans activity on the site. Some even questioned if it was still okay to enjoy Rowling’s work amid this controversy.

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