Billy Porter discusses how people react to men in dresses

Billy Porter discusses how people react to men in dresses

Pose star Billy Porter appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss men in dresses.

This interview came after Porter stunned on the Tonys red carpet in a hybrid tuxedo-gown made with the red velvet curtains from musical Kinky Boots. This was not the first time Porter played with androgyny in his outfit choices. He wore another tuxedo-gown made of black velvet to the Oscars and arrived at this year’s Met Gala looking like an Egyptian queen.

The interview

During the interview with Colbert, Porter discussed how society views men who wear dresses, and how those views tie into misogyny.

‘We’ve moved beyond the idea that women wearing pants is a problem. Women wearing pants is powerful, it’s strong, everybody accepts it, and it’s associated with the patriarchy, it’s associated with being male,’ Porter explained.

‘The minute a man puts on a dress it’s disgusting, so what are you saying? Men are strong, women are disgusting? I’m not doing that anymore.’

‘I’m done with that. I’m a man in a dress and if I feel like wearing a dress I’m gonna wear one.’

With that comment, the audience gave Porter a huge round of applause.

‘You know,’ Porter added, ‘people forget that Jesus wore a dress too. They called them robes, but he wore a dress. They wore dresses.’

Porter goes on to talk about ballroom culture, chosen families, and of course, season two of Pose. He then offers Colbert some advice on how he can improve his outfits.

In fact, Porter even brought some accessories for Colbert to try, including a pair of sparkly eyeglasses and a zebra print hat.

Watch the full interview below:

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