Gay couple attempt every kiss in the world in adorable video

Gay couple attempt every kiss in the world in adorable video
Couple doing the Titanic kiss

A gay couple tried every kiss in the world in a delightfully precious video.

YouTuber and singer Miss Benny joined his boyfriend, Vince Rossi, at Grindr’s YouTube channel intomore. There, over the course of nearly six minutes, they attempt a wide array of kisses.

A spokesperson for Grindr told GSN the inspiration for the video was Miss Benny’s recent music video Every Boy.

‘The infectious chorus lyric “I just wanna kiss every boy in the world” got us thinking and since it wasn’t realistic to ask him to kiss every boy in the world, we thought him trying every kiss would be just as fun,’ they said.

There are varying degrees of kisses in the video, like a normal peck, movie famous kisses such as in Lady and the Tramp, and some straight-up weird ones. Like a water balloon kiss?

Grindr confirmed they made that one up, but many more seen in the video are based on ‘lots and lots of research’.

It’s a super sweet video, in which Vince ends up covered in Miss Benny’s lipstick. Plus it’s clear the couple is having a lot of fun, laughing and teasing each other throughout, even when some of the kisses confuse them.

Grindr said part of the purpose of the video was to normalize physical affection among same-sex couples.

‘We hadn’t seen anything quite like this before and thought it was about time we did,’ they said. ‘We love seeing our users connect and thrive, and bringing visibility to queer intimacy can be really powerful for people who are struggling with their identity or living in parts of the world where it’s less accepted.’

With known instances of discrimination and violence towards affectionate same-sex couples, it can make some people rethink how they and their partner show affection.

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Author: Anya Crittenton