This asexual model is launching London’s first asexual club for Pride

This asexual model is launching London’s first asexual club for Pride

Clubbing can easily turn into an uncomfortable experience for asexual people.

As the booze flows and more than a few sweaty people at the club might be looking for a hookup, those who don’t experience sexual and/or romantic attraction to others can feel like they don’t belong.

Asexuals at Pride

Moreover, asexuals are often underrepresented at Pride. Together with non-binary, genderqueer and aromantic people, asexuals are among those who aren’t as visible as the other letters of the vast LGBTI spectrum.

This Pride month, however, Pride in London has partnered with Budweiser to bring visibility to every part of the vast LGBTI+ community.

They have asked asexual activist and model Yasmin Benoit to help them create an asexual club where ace people can go to and be comfortable.

Ace of Clubs will be the very first asexual club in London. It will be on for two nights on 29 and 30 June at Bateman Street Gallery in Soho, London’s LGBTI area.

‘I’d love for there to be a permanent ace bar at some point, but we’ll have to wait and see how this one goes,’ Benoit told GSN.

A specific asexual-friendly space

‘The concept originally came from the Budweiser and Revolt London team. They pitched it to me when they asked me to be involved, and I fell in love with the idea instantly,’ Benoit also said.

‘Asexual people are usually underrepresented at Pride events, and there have been many cases of asexual people not feeling included or entirely welcomed. There doesn’t tend to be asexual spaces, and there definitely hasn’t been an asexual bar before – not in the same way that there have been gay bars, for example. I think a specifically ace-friendly space is something the community has wanted for a while now.’

What will you find at an asexual bar?

‘There will be the things you would typically expect from a bar, like food and drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic –  a dancefloor, music, karaoke,’ continued Benoit.

‘But also some things that the community specifically requested. We tried our best to meet as many of the requests as possible. So there will be a quiet area, there will be a discussion panel, a documentary screening, plenty of cake, board games and more.’

No dancefloor groping or hooking up in the dark

Ace of Clubs will be open to non-asexual people.

‘Ace people can feel free to bring their non-ace friends along,’ explained Benoit.

Nonetheless, everyone should have booked their free tickets and respect the bar’s code of conduct.

‘There will be security and everyone will need to book their free tickets beforehand. It’s also 18+ only because alcohol can be served on the premises. The main code of conduct is just to be respectable,’ she continued.

‘We’re aiming for a non-sexualized space, so the kinds of things that go on in nightclubs won’t be happening at the Ace of Clubs. We’re not here for dancefloor groping or hooking up in the corner of the room.’

Asexual anthems

What kind of music will be played at Ace of Clubs? Benoit revealed her own asexual anthem.

‘It’s We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off by Jermaine Stewart, but that’s just me,’ she said.

‘We’ll be taking music requests so if everyone has their own anthem, we’ll all have a chance to hear it.’

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