‘Trans power’: LGBTI protesters descend on Trump Tower in NYC

‘Trans power’: LGBTI protesters descend on Trump Tower in NYC

LGBTI protesters and allies descended upon Trump Tower in New York City on Tuesday (25 June). They gathered with signs and chants to protest violence against transgender and gender-nonconforming people in the United States.

We Will Not Be Silent organized and led the demonstration.

‘Hatred and violence against queer and trans people, white supremacy, misogyny, xenophobia, all hatred and bigotry spewed wantonly by Donald Trump and administered by his governing body will continue to lead to violence against and to the death of our people,’ the group said in a press release about the event.

‘We are going to Trump Tower to grieve the harm done but also to bring a clear message, in the names of all those lost from our beloved communities and in our own names, “WE WANT TO LIVE FREE. WE WILL FIGHT BACK.”‘

‘In their name,’ declare protesters

New York members of Rise and Resist, an action group, also joind the protest.

People carried signs with various messages. Some had the names of deceased LGBTI figures, such as Audre Lorde and Sylvia Rivera. Others shared messages of why they were protesting: ‘In their name’ and ‘Feel the urgency.’

As they marched to Trump Tower, they also chanted various phrases and the names of LGBTI figures the community has lost.

Once at Trump Tower, the protesters went inside and occupied the space of the lobby. There, they continued to chant and spread the message of violence against the LGBTI community.

Violence cannot be accepted as normal

Hate crimes have been on the rise since Trump became president.

In counties where Trump held rallies, hate crimes increased by 226%. They’ve also tripled in Washington DC.

Overall, hate crimes have risen for the past three years and hate groups in the country have also reached an all-time high.

On Tuesday (25 June), the day of the protest, police in Kansas City, Missouri began investigating the death of a transgender woman. She is the 11th known trans woman killed in the US this year.

Founded in 2006, We Will Not Be Silent is a self-described collaboration between artists and activists using language as its chosen medium to spread messages and keep people engaged.

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Author: Anya Crittenton