Queer artist wants LGBTI youth struggling with anxiety to know they can ‘be messy’

Queer artist wants LGBTI youth struggling with anxiety to know they can ‘be messy’

Queer singer Morgxn released a new music video for his song A New Way, in which he sings: ‘I don’t want to feel anxious anymore.’ It’s a straight-forward line that packs a lot of punch.

LGBTI people face disproprortionately high rates of mental illness, and struggles with things like depression and anxiety.

Morgxn believes it’s possible to co-exist with one’s anxiety, though, and wants to share that message with others.

‘I won’t lie and pretend I’m a self help guru but I do think there is a way to channel anxiety — into music. Into art. Into movement,’ he tells GSN.

‘I think anxiety can be less a big wall and more an opportunity to move through it. So I don’t think you can ever be free from anxiety but I do think you can become a wizard of working with it.’

He touched on self-care and that it can look like numerous different things, from books to podcast to long ways.

‘It’s about giving yourself what you need in that moment,’ he says.

It can come out of nowhere

Anixety is a general emotional feeling and state of worry, unease, stress, and inner turmoil. It develops over the expectation of a future threat or problem, and can manifest as restlessness (such as pacing or trouble sleeping), problem concentrating, panic, and more.

For Morgxn, it’s something that can happen anywhere, anytime.

‘Anxiety is like that scene in The Mummy where they are driving away from the wall of sand that is quickly about to engulf them,’ he explains. ‘I see anxiety outside of myself and feel it coming on like a wave. I can be standing in line waiting for a cashier at CVS and anxiety will root out of nowhere.

What it has come to be the singer is a ‘constant lesson in letting go and embracing what is presently happening’.

Anxiety can tell a person when something is important and they’re trying to control it.

‘To let it go and let it be and ultimately enjoy it that much more… that’s the goal,’ Morgxn states.

‘You are your perfect expression’

When it comes to singers, to writers, anyway who shares messages for a living, having a voice is a natural thing. Morgxn, though, doesn’t see his platform as a ‘responsibility’ to speak.

Instead, it stems from years of silence.

‘I think I was told that who I am and what I have to say is not valid and full of sin from an early age. So everything that has happened as a result of speaking up is not because I feel it’s “my responsibility”… it’s because for the first time I’m finding my voice and removing the layers that made me afraid to share it.

‘Every word becomes an act of rebellion i- just existing in this world is a political act.’

Now that he is more confident in using his voice, he wants to use it to uplift and connect with others.

‘Your experience is unique to you and because it is unlike anyone else’s — it is special,’ he responds when I ask him if he has a message for LGBTI youth. ‘It is yours to mold and to share. And you don’t need to be like anyone else or have it fit like anyone else – you are your perfect expression. So let it be messy, let it be bold and ultimately let it be yours.’

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Author: Anya Crittenton