Salisbury Pride Cancelled

Salisbury Pride Cancelled

Salisbury Pride due to be held on Saturday, August 3 has been cancelled it has been reported.

Main organiser and former owner of community hub @Home, Louella Adamson, told Salisbury Journal “it is “disappointing” the event will no longer be going ahead, due to licencing issues.

She added: “We wanted this to be the biggest event yet, we were going to have drag queens, comedy, music, face paint, dance, I had so many plans up my sleeve. There were no problems last year, it was a brilliant day and was very well attended by all kinds of people. It was just used to celebrate love and it is such a shame it’s not going to happen this year.”

The Salisbury Journal continues to reveal that However, in response to hearing the event won’t be going ahead, Salisbury City Council clerk, Annie Child, said that permission had been given “in principle” to the organiser, permitting she completed the list of checks and conditions the council provided her.

She added: “I am really surprised to hear Pride is not going ahead, when there is no reason for it to not be.

“We’ve tried to help as much as possible, we just want to keep events like this safe, which is why there is a list of things to complete in time for the event.”