These are some of the A-list celebrities who have donated to Pete Buttigieg

These are some of the A-list celebrities who have donated to Pete Buttigieg

Financial records reveal which big-name celebrities have donated money to the campaign of Pete Buttigieg.

The United States is in the early stages of its next presidential election. With over 20 Democrats vying for the party nomination to face Donald Trump in the general election, fundraising is one way to make a mark.

Buttigieg is currently leading the pack of donations, with a $24.8 million haul. Part of this is attributed to financial support from several celebrities.

After bursting onto the political scene earlier this year, Buttigieg has impressed many. He’s the current mayor of South Bend, Indiana and the first openly gay presidential candidate of a major political party.

So which celebrities are on the Mayor Pete train?

Significant figures from various industries have donated thousands to Buttigieg’s campaign.

In the music industry, his fans included Joan Jett and David Geffen, who have donated $150 and the max of $5,600, respectively. Fashion icons Anna Wintour and Tom Ford have also donated — $2,800 from the head of Vogue and $5,600 from the designer.

Other donors include Ellen DeGeneres and Sharon Stone, who both donated $5,600. Gwyneth Paltrow, George Takei, and Barbra Streisand also count among his donors.

Celeb support for Buttigieg isn’t surprising. Several A-listers have been talking about him since he first emerged on the national stage. Some of these supporters, like DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi, and Sean Hayes, are also co-hosting a fundraising event for him.

A major component of political campaigns

Buttigieg, however, isn’t the only candidate with celebrity backing.

Warren has received donations from Bette Midler and Ryan Reynolds, while Cory Booker counts girlfriend Rosario Dawson and Ben Affleck among his supporters.

Celebrities have been vocal about political campaigns for years.

Beyoncé supported both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in their past presidential campaigns. George Clooney, as well, counts among one of Obama’s most well-known supporters and friends.

Buttigieg was recently announced to be part of the first night of the second round of Democratic debates. He’ll join Steve Bullock, John Delany, John Hickenlooper, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, Tim Ryan, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Marianne Williamson on 30 July.

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