Gay Man Takes Smiling Selfie After Homophobic Attack To Send Powerful Message

Gay Man Takes Smiling Selfie After Homophobic Attack To Send Powerful Message

A young gay man who was harassed and attacked on the streets of a little village in Scotland shared a message and a photo for the attacker despite his bloody face.

Blair Wilson was attacked in the street on June 29th, 2018, and, shortly afterwards, posted a selfie and a message on his Facebook page.

“To the wee c**t that called me a faggot across the main street then tried to attack me when I called him ‘hen’ we aw know who you are and you will get what’s coming to you—Trust it to be someone insecure with his own sexuality trying to take it out on someone secure in himself. Wish you well” he wrote. 

Wilson told Barrhead News that he was on his way home from his mom’s house when a man called him a homophobic slur. He confronted him and was then attacked. He said he had never experienced physical violence as a result of his sexuality and was shocked at what happened.

He said: “I knew, as soon as it happened, that I could either keep quiet and feel embarrassed about it or I could shame him over Facebook. As soon as I posted it, even though my nose was still bleeding, I didn’t care.”

Wilson has since received huge amount of support on Facebook, with his post being shared over 1,600 times and 1,100 comments. The comments that he received deemed him “brave” and mostly showing support and solidarity.

Some of the comments Blair received in response to his post.

Blair told Barrhead News: “I’ve heard from so many people I haven’t spoken to in ages and people I don’t even know telling me I’m an inspiration and stuff. It’s made me feel so good about myself.”

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Author: Liam Bond


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