Queers Without Beers Launches In Bristol

Queers Without Beers Launches In Bristol

Alcohol Awareness Week starts on 11th November with Bristol’s first-ever Queers Without Beers

Queers Without Beers are alcohol-free LGBTQI+ social night that has been entertaining queers of all persuasions across London and Manchester for the past few years. Club Soda is excited to launch the first Bristol Queers Without Beers pop-up bar, in partnership with Prism and BDP.

QWB is a sophisticated social space for LGBTQI+ queers that doesn’t revolve around booze. Everyone is welcome – whether you have never drunk, don’t want alcohol tonight, are looking to change you drinking habits, or have actively quit drinking.

Bristol’s event will be hosted in Adelina Yard on Bristol’s harbourside, The event is free to attend, you just need to buy your own drinks. A wide range of exciting and quality alcohol-free drinks will be offered – including free tasting from Caleño, winner of the Great British Food Awards 2019.

A representative from Club Soda said ” We are so excited that Queers Without Beers is going nationwide. It is a great night out where everyone is welcome, whether you are just having a night off the booze or are alcohol-free. The bar will stock some of the best alcohol-free drinks on the market, from beers through to wines and kombucha. It is a great night where no one has to feel pressured to drink.

Club Soda is a small and busy bunch of people working hard to support you to change your drinking, and making the world a better place along the way.

More information can be found at : joinclubsoda.com/event/queers-without-beers-bristol-launch/