Trans flag and gender-inclusive emojis are coming in 2020

Trans flag and gender-inclusive emojis are coming in 2020

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Selection of the new emojis for 2020.

Emoji lovers will soon have a trans flag and gender-inclusive people on their phones.

They are among 117 new emojis that are coming in 2020.

The Unicode Consortium, which chooses new emojis, announced the final list of new emojis for 2020 today.

It said: ‘The new emoji typically start showing up on mobile phones in September / October. Some platforms may release them earlier.’

Trans and gender-neutral emojis

The trans flag is the most noticeable new LGBT+ inclusive emoji.

However, the Unicode Consortium’s inclusivity doesn’t end there.

The ‘Emoji 13.0’ edition also includes ‘Woman in Tuxedo’ and ‘Person in Tuxedo’ to go with ‘Man in Tuxedo’. And each of those have ‘skin tone support’ to represent different races.

Woman in tuxedo emoji.
The Woman in Tuxedo emoji. Unicode Consortium
Trans flag emoji.
The Trans Pride Flag joins the LGBT+ Rainbow Flag on the emoji keyboard. Unicode Consortium
Person in tuxedo emoji.
The new Person in Tuxedo emoji. Unicode Consortium

Likewise, if you are in wedding mood, you can now choose a ‘Man with Veil’ or ‘Person with Veil’.

And new parents may want to embrace the ‘Woman’, ‘Person’ or ‘Man’ feeding a baby.

man with veil emoji
Men can wear veils in the new emoji collection. Unicode Consortium
Person in veil emoji.
Person in Veil emoji with various skin tones. Unicode Consortium
Mx Claus emoji.
Early Christmas present: The Mx Claus emoji. Unicode Consortium

Christmas will also come early to our phones with the addition of a gender-inclusive Mx Claus. The festive favorite is pictured in a Christmas hat and, again, has ‘skin tone support’.

Bubble tea arrives while mammoths and dodos are no longer extinct

Moreover, the ever-growing craze for bubble tea is reflected in its own emoji.

But even long extinct species get a look in. So you’ll soon have a woolly mammoth of a dodo. Meanwhile another animal which may soon be extinct if we are not careful is also included – the polar bear.

The long list of emoji faces is also updated with the addition of a smiling face with tear. And there’s even a comically disguised face, sporting a fake moustache, bushy eyebrows and glasses.

Woolly mammoth emoji.
Mammoth victory: Woolly mammoths are coming to your phone. Unicode Consortium
Dodo emoji
Dodo emoji – dead but not forgotten. Unicode Consortium

Beyond that, you’ll be able to choose from as wide a range as cockroaches, fondue sets, teapots, magic wands and Russsian-style nesting dolls. There’s even anatomical hearts and lungs.

We imagine the new beaver emoji may find uses beyond the animal kingdom. And naturally, the new piñata emoji comes in handily rainbow colors.

Beaver emoji.
Nice beaver: Other new emoji animals include the polar bear, worm and cockroach. Unicode Consortium

Welcome for trans emoji

LGBT+ social media gave a warm welcome to the new emojis with people tweeting ‘Trans rights’, ‘We won!’ and ‘About time!’.

As Twitter user Karsen Iberra put it: ‘Huh the replies aren’t as bad as I was expecting. There’s some bigots in here but it’s mostly good people saying “Trans rights”.’

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith