Brother generates a lot of love after bullies pick on his gay little bro

Brother generates a lot of love after bullies pick on his gay little bro

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Brothers walk together.

A big brother has generated a lot of online love for his ‘unapologetically himself’ little brother after bullies picked on him.

Three bullies beat up boy, calling him a ‘faggot’ and ‘gay cunt’. But he’s come back defiant.

And Twitter has been sharing their love for the brothers.

‘I’m sick’

Twitter user Ashton93x shared his story yesterday. He said:

‘My little brother got beaten up at school today by three boys. They punched and kicked him while calling him a “faggot” and a “gay cunt”.

‘My brother is unapologetically himself. He is kind, he is generous and he is completely selfless but because he’s gay he gets beaten up. I’m sick.’

So far, the story has had 1,800 retweets and over 17,000 likes – and counting.

Twitter user Patrick was among those to share their support. And he had his own story to tell:

‘I too thought the word had been consigned to the dustbin of history until  it happened to my son, at primary school!

‘And before he knew why he was different. Schools need to focus on addressing this and not telling boys like my son they may be #BornWrong.’

While Drag Queen Story Time UK said: ‘We’re so sorry to hear this happened to your brother. No one should ever face discrimination just for being who they are.

‘Hopefully the school steps up, the bullies face the punishment they deserve and your brother keeps his head high being unapologetically himself.’

And JJ added: ‘Tell him that there’s more people out here that love him for who he is than there are that don’t.

‘Tell him that they did that to him because they have problems with themselves. There’s nothing wrong with him. He’s just fine how he is, and he’s better than them in every way.

Bros’ update

Ashton93x came back online to update all the people who had commented and shared.

He said: ‘Just want to say again, thank you for the messages of support for my brother! Receiving lots of amazing comments which I can’t all reply to but they’re seen and massively appreciated.

‘Just to answer the question of how the school are handling it, they’re doing so incredibly. The school has a very strict, non-lenient, zero tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination and bullying.’

And he kept his head on the best way to deal with bullies.

Ashton said: ‘Appreciate all the love and support. But for those who keep saying he should have learnt how to defend himself… Martial arts can be useful in one on one fights, not against a group of people. This is real life, not The Matrix.’

His ‘tired’ and ‘drained’ but smiling little brother also recorded a defiant video message.

‘Thanks everybody for the messages,’ he said. ‘I’m doing alright and this is going to make me stronger.’

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith


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