Cher backs Joe Biden for president: I Got You Babe

Cher backs Joe Biden for president: I Got You Babe

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Legendary singer, Oscar-winning actress and LGBT+ ally Cher has backed Joe Biden’s struggling campaign to become president.

Biden performed worse than expected in the Democratic caucus in Iowa and the New Hampshire primary.

Now political pundits say he needs a strong performance in the Nevada caucus and South Carolina primary to stand a chance of staying in the race.

‘Don’t give up Joe’

But Cher has said she’s sticking with Biden – despite his struggles, or even because of them.

In her tweets, the 73-year-old singer relates his current challenges to people who have told her to quit because she is too old.

She said: ‘Good luck today and everyday Joe Biden.

‘What a good, wise, kind man you are. But I won’t turn my back on you now that you’re struggling.

‘Many times in my life people said: “She’s untalented, too old for movies, music, the stage. Don’t give up Joe. Your head is bloodied but unbowed.’

And she went on to explain why she backed Biden. But her tweets also contained an attack on new entrant in the race, Mike Bloomberg.

‘This will most likely be unpopular but last night I asked myself: “Who would I be if I denied a man I know and respect for a shiny, new, tech-savvy billionaire.

‘Joe’s made mistakes like all of us. But I believe he would be honest, smart, “civil” president who doesn’t have to learn on the job.’

Cher has long been actively interested in politics. She once commented that George W Bush’s eight years as president ‘almost killed’ her.

She also backed Hillary Clinton to be president. And she once tweeted ‘Donald Trump’s punishment is being Donald Trump’ while also attacking his ban on trans people serving in the US military.

Moreover, she refused to perform in Russia in 2014 at the time of the Sochi Winter Olympics because of the country’s hate policies to LGBT+ people.

1,990 to win

Joe Biden or any of the other Democratic hopefuls need 1,990 pledged delegates to win the nomination in the first round.

So far openly gay former mayor Pete Buttigieg, the youngest candidate, has 22. The oldest candidate, Bernie Sanders is shortly behind with 21 and is believed to attract a large portion of the LGBT+ vote.

Elizabeth Warren comes in third with eight delegates, Amy Klobuchar has seven and Joe Biden just six. Michael Bloomberg is yet to win any delegates but entered the race too late to take part in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith