Disney+ pulls Love, Simon TV show as it’s not ‘family friendly’

Disney+ pulls Love, Simon TV show as it’s not ‘family friendly’

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Disney+ will no longer air the Love, Simon television series – instead it’s going to Hulu.

Variety reports unnamed sources as saying: ‘Disney felt many issues explored on the show, including alcohol use and sexual exploration, would not fit in with the family-friendly content on Disney+.’

But instead of going to the new streaming arm of Disney, the show will air on another streaming service, Hulu.

Walt Disney Company also owns Hulu but it’s not tied with a ‘family friendly’ brand like Disney+.

And rather than being called Love, Simon, the TV version will be titled Love, Victor. And Michael Cimino, known for Annabelle Comes Home and Training Day, will play the main character, Victor.

Family credentials

In fact, the film version of Love, Simon was relatively family friend with only some drinking at a party and characters not going beyond a kiss.

So it’s not clear if Love, Victor will go further.

What we do know is the central premise of the series.

It will focus on Victor as a new student at Creekwood High School. The series follows his journey of self-discovery.

He will face challenges at home and struggle with his sexual orientation. And he will reach out to Simon when it seems too difficult for him to navigate through high school.

The first series of 10 episodes will debut in June, to coincide with Pride month. And a second season is already in the pipeline.

The decision not to screen the series on Disney+ comes as a Disney Pixar film promises to include an openly and clearly LGBT+ character for the first time. The character in the movie, Onward, will be voiced by lesbian actor Lena Waithe.

But in fact Disney has had hidden or coded LGBT+ characters in its most famous films for decades.

And it has long welcomed LGBT+ families to its parks with hugely popular ‘gay days’.

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith