Student: My mom is the only one in our Trump-loving family who supports me as gay

Student: My mom is the only one in our Trump-loving family who supports me as gay

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LGBT+ people are increasingly celebrating their allies but some may only have one ally in their family.

That’s the story one gay student has shared on Reddit earlier today and it’s generating a lot of love for his mom.

‘Anxiouscharlie’ posted this message along with the cute photo of him and his mom:

‘My mom and I. I come from a Trump-loving conservative “Christian” family.

‘She is the only who supports me as gay. She’s as big of a Bernie fan as I am, followed me to CA, encourages me to date boys, and is moving to Mexico City with me after college.

‘Can we hear it for this queen?’

His post from just eight hours ago is already trending on Reddit.

Fellow user ItsLazerwolf said: ‘We stan a mom who has unconditional love for their son and encourages them to be themselves. She’s amazing!’

Czbbflier added: ‘Thank you for standing with and supporting your son. Standing with him, you stand with all of us.’

Meanwhile Calebhilll posted that they are still fighting with their parents over being LGBT+:

‘Not having my mom in my corner anymore is devastating at times. But I’m so glad you have your mom to stand with you.’

Why families matter to LGBT+ people

Of course, there are many places young LGBT+ people turn for support. But researchers at the Family Acceptance Project have proved that a supportive family makes the biggest difference of all.

And another study found LGBTQ youth whose families support their gender identity and sexual orientation are almost 50% less likely to attempt suicide.

However, around the world, families are still rejecting LGBT+ children. And even in the US, many parents throw queer kids out of the family home. As a result, the stats prove you are far more likely to end up homeless as a young LGBT+ person.

‘Rezzacci’ summed it up in their comment on the Reddit post: 

‘Isn’t it sad that we all rejoice when a mom is showing basic love and support towards her children?

‘I mean, don’t mistake me: your mother is awesome and you’re lucky. But we shouldn’t have to praise your mom. You shouldn’t have to feel lucky to have such a mother. It shouldn’t be worthy of a Reddit post.

‘It makes me sad and angry that we live in a world where a mom showing basic love is seen as something we have to celebrate. And after that we should respect conservatives while they build this awful world? Damn.

‘This post made me happy in first place but it made me thinking about global homophobia and now I’m angry.

‘Enjoy your mom. Because, against all common sense, you are effectively lucky and your mom is effectively awesome, especially considering your common background. Good people are too rare in this world. And enjoy Mexico!’

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith