Medical fetish site donates scrubs and completely destroys UK response to coronavirus

Medical fetish site donates scrubs and completely destroys UK response to coronavirus

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A UK medical fetish site has donated its stock of disposable scrubs to a hospital and completely savaged the government’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

Doctors, nurses and other care workers in Britain’s National Health Service are ‘desperate’ for adequate personal protective equipment.

Supplies of PPE, including masks, eye protection and gowns, have become a major political battleground during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Critics have said the UK has been too slow in providing the equipment. And garment manufacturers claim they have been waiting for 10 days for the government to place orders.

Moreover, the Guardian reported that the government refused to stockpile the supplies way back in 2017. That is despite senior medical advice to do so.

However, the government claims supplies are reaching NHS frontline staff.

Despite this, medical professionals have taken unusual steps to secure supplies for themselves. In one case, that included contacting Med Fet. The specialist UK shop provides gear for people who are into medical kinks and fetishes.

The government’s claim the NHS is getting what it needs ‘is a lie’

MedFetUK tweeted: ‘Today we donated our entire stock of disposable scrubs to an NHS hospital.

‘It was just a few sets, because we don’t carry large stocks, but they were desperate, so we sent them free of charge. We don’t usually do politics on Twitter, but here’s a short thread.

‘When you see someone from the government saying the NHS is getting what it needs, that is a LIE.

‘We have been contacted this week by representatives of NHS procurement all over the country, trying to source basic protective equipment and clothing.

‘When we, a tiny company set up to serve a small section of the kink community, find ourselves being sought out as a last-resort supplier to our National Health Service in a time of crisis, something is seriously wrong. In fact, it’s scandalous.

‘Let’s be under no illusions, this is the result of a decade of chronic underfunding and cuts which has left the NHS barely able to cope under normal circumstances, much less when faced with the onslaught of a global pandemic. It did not, and should not, have to be this way

‘So when it’s all over…and the doctors, nurses and other staff have done an amazing job (as they undoubtedly will despite the circumstances)… let’s not forget, or forgive, the ones who sent the NHS into this battle with inadequate armour and one hand tied behind its back.’

‘We wish it wasn’t true’

The tweet went viral. It’s had almost 3.5million impressions and over 685,000 have engaged with it.

The company updated:

‘We appreciate the amazing response, but we are not heroes and we don’t deserve any special kudos. We just did the obvious and only right thing to do. The real heroes are the NHS staff at every level who are on the front line of this fight.

‘A few have suggested this might be “fake news”. It’s not. The scrubs went to a hospital in southern England. We won’t say where exactly because the last thing they need right now is to be drawn into this. Honestly, we wish it wasn’t true, but it is.’

Moreover, they are not the only sex-positive organisation to be responding to the crisis. Despite critics often accusing gay and bi men of hedonism, cruisers and kink-lovers are self-policing on hook-up apps. And one naked club event went online yesterday to keep the fun going safely.

You can find the latest advice about sex and staying safe during coronavirus here.

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith