Modern gay Robin Hood: He steals from one shop display to create LGBT+ visibility in another

Modern gay Robin Hood: He steals from one shop display to create LGBT+ visibility in another

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Ever been in a store and felt surrounded by ‘his and hers’ towels, cups, cushions and accessories?

Well one LGBT+ warrior is onto it! Like a modern day Robin Hood (or should that be modern gay Robin Hood) he steals from one part of the store to queer-up another.

Society isn’t straight anymore and neither should our stores be. And we don’t just mean at Pride time, we mean all the time.

‘That’s right, I’m a criminal’

We discovered Mr.ManBoyGuy – aka Matt – on video-based social media app TikTok, creating some harmless mayhem in his local Macy’s store in the USA. In particular, changing the His and Her pillows around in the bedroom department.

The store’s official dressers have set up two beds with bedding to reflect couples in opposite-sex relationships, complete with printed ‘His and Hers’ cushions.

One bed is accented with blue and the other with yellow.

Seeing the two beds, our masked warrior Mr.ManBoyGuy decides to start a peaceful same-sex ‘revolution’ in the store.

So he takes the ‘His’ cushion from the blue bed and places it on the yellow bed next to the other ‘His’. Ta dah! An instant bedroom perfect for a pair of gay or bi men.

Then, with the ‘Hers’ cushion, he runs back over to the blue bed and completes the mission. Two hetrosexual beds have been swapped for LGBT+ beds.

Mr.ManBoyGuy then looks at their camera phone and signs off saying: ‘That’s right, I’m a criminal.’

Macy’s sells His and Hers cushions separately for customers but places them in a heterosexual order. Macys

‘I want three names in one bed for poly visibility’

Moreover, other TikTok users are loving it.

@Cryptid.meri comments: ‘I’m going to make a pillow that says “theirs” and put it at my nearest Macy’s.’

And @Aggressive.rat warns: ‘Matt no! Now the police will be after you!’ In response Mr.ManBoyGuy jokingly replies: ‘They’ll never get me alive.’

Meanwhile @Nclightining says: ‘I was kinda hoping it would be three names in one bed for poly[sexual] visiblity lol.’

And @Roesybailey claims that Mr.ManBoyGuy is a ‘Modern day Robin Hood’.

However, some followers have said that they plucked up the courage to be bold as Matt yet.

@Kristinaryan19 thanks his new hero, saying: ‘I wanted to do this the other day but the manager was staring at me.’

You can follow Mr.ManBoyGuy on TikTok with the handle, @princewelcomemat.

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Author: Scott Nunn