Plea from gay Indonesian: Stop the new law that would force LGBT+ people into rehab camps

Plea from gay Indonesian: Stop the new law that would force LGBT+ people into rehab camps

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A gay Indonesian woman has called for help to stop one of the most draconian and dangerous new laws against LGBT+ people in the world.

The bill would make homosexuality a crime and push LGBT+ people into rehab camps to be ‘cured’.

Meanwhile the so-called Family Resilience Bill is also a major attack on women’s equality in Indonesia.

The draft bill states wives must ‘take care of household-related matters’ and ‘treat the husband and the child well’. Meanwhile the bill positions husbands as ‘head of the household’.

The south-east Asian chain of islands has the fourth-biggest population in the world with over 267million people.

In a message posted on Twitter, the brave woman wrapped in a rainbow flag says:

‘My name is Kai Mata. I’m Indonesian and I’m also flaming gay. 

‘No laws will change that, no conversion therapy will change that, and neither will the hate and threats.

‘I am speaking out because it shouldn’t be so hard seeing two girls in love.’

And she shares this petition in Indonesian that demands the Family Resilience Bill is stopped

‘Sexual deviations’

At the moment, homosexuality is legal in most of Indonesia. However in Aceh and the city of Palembang, Islamic Sharia law, punishes gay sex with flogging.

Even where gay sex is legal, Indonesian police have misused pornography laws to round up gay and bi men, particularly those using saunas or bathhouses.

Meanwhile, attitudes towards LGBT+ people appear to be hardening with many calling for Sharia law across the country.

The proposed Family Resilience Bill links homosexuality and S&M sex to incest as ‘sexual deviations’. Anyone involved will have to report themselves to government-sanctioned rehabilitation centres for ‘treatment’.

In fact, ‘treatment’ in the form of ‘conversion therapy’ or ‘gay cures’ to change an LGBT+ person into a heterosexual, cisgender person never work. Moreover, they can do serious, lasting damage to your mental health.

For that reason, the most respected psychological and psychiatric organizations around the world have condemned the so-called ‘therapies’. And 2020 is also seeing efforts by countries around the world to ban them.

The petition Kai Mata is backing has already almost reached its 10,000 signature target.

However, it may take a concerted effort in Indonesia and around the world to stop the bill. Four Indonesian parties have backed it and it’s on parliament’s priority list for the 2020 to 2024 period.

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith