Tom Daley strips his shirt off to give you a home workout

Tom Daley strips his shirt off to give you a home workout

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Tom Daley on a beach.

Looking for a home workout while the gyms are closed? Bisexual Olympic diver Tom Daley has got you covered.

The Team GB star has filmed a workout in his living room. And he promises more are to come.

The first workout will target your glutes, hamstrings, quads, abs, arms, shoulders and chest.

However, he’s even taking requests if people want particular tips. As he jokes:

‘We’re going to have a lot more time on our hands.’

‘You’ll feel so much better’

Daley films the workout in his home. And in the background you can hear Robert (Robbie), his son with husband Oscar-winning writer and director Dustin Lance Black.

Like everyone in the UK, the family is now on lockdown. People are only supposed to leave their homes if they are key workers, to collect food, manage medical emergencies, provide care or for one exercise session like a walk, run or cycle a day.

Daley says:

‘I know what’s going on in the world right now can seem a little bit daunting, a little bit scary. Lots of people are self-isolating at home or social distancing. And sometimes you can run out of things to do and feel a little bit down on yourself.

‘Well I’m hoping to do a series of home workouts that I’ve been doing to boost a little bit of morale, a little bit of spirit.’

And he’s encouraging people to ‘move a little bit’ even when stuck inside.

He adds: ‘If you can manage to do 10 minutes of movement each day it’s going to help you feel so much better and hopefully give you a more positive outlook.’

Daley is going to be doing the routines each morning to kick-start his own day.

Tom’s first daily routine

The first routine is a simple circuit of these five exercises.

You do each exercise for 40 seconds, then 20 seconds rest, then onto the next one. Once you’ve done them all once, take one minute rest, then repeat.

1 RFE split squats
2 Squat jump walk outs
3 Sumo squat pulses
4 Press up with scrap retraction
5 Alternating V Sits

You can watch the routine and join in here:


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Meanwhile Daley also suggests a workout buddy on FaceTime. That could help motivate people and make it more social.

To help you with timings, search for ‘interval training’ apps on your phone. You can then set the workout and rest times, just like Daley has in his video.

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Author: Tris Reid-Smith